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The concept of exit games originates in “Escape the room” computer games. Our exit games are based on the same principle, yet instead of computer world they are all played in reality. A team of usually 2 – 5 people is locked in a room and their goal is to escape the room in the set time limit. Every room has its own story and it is up to your team to solve series of puzzles, riddles and brain teasers to unlock the codes and master the technological tricks to get you all out in time. All you need is logical thinking and common sense. Exit games are also a perfect training of teamwork, cooperation and communication, ideal team building activity! Are you ready for this challenge?

WARNING: This activity is highly addictive. Participation at your own risk.

/ Armageddon Project

A huge asteroid is approaching the planet Earth, threatening with catastrophe of the centuries. For instances like this, fortunately, a secret project called “ARMAGEDDON PROJECT” has been created to avert the threat. As per this project, the last chance to save the world thus lies in the launch of alien weapon found during archeological excavations. Only this weapon is strong enough to demolish the approaching meteorite. It is certain that this weapon works, however, the team responsible for its operations has suddenly disappeared. It is now your call to act as the fate of humankind is in your hands. Will you figure out how does the alien weapon which has not been used by anyone for more than two millennia work? Will you be quick enough to save the us from extinction? References exist that similar catastrophe has been avoided in the past, however, Ice Age is a clear evidence that it is not always the case… The clock is ticking…

2 – 5 PEOPLE
1500 KČ

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